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This marks the end of my journey on Issues in Publication and Design course. I have not expected there are so many useful and interesting theories that I could apply in the field of design.

I have understood how to use salience, informational value and framing devices to composite layout that is attractive and functional (Kress & van Leeuwen 2006). Any document should have its purpose and it is utmost importance to match the reader‘s habits, expectations and context of use (Penman 1998). Besides that, I have learnt about trustworthiness and attractiveness is the key factors in maintaining the credibility of an academic blog (Chu & Kamal 2008). Lastly, I come to conclusion that in a multimodal environment, differences in affordances from different medium can help to complement each other’s weakness and maximize the structure of a design, be it printed or online (Walsh 2006).


Chu, S-C & Kamal 2008, ‘The Effect of Perceived Blogger Credibility and Argument Quality on Message Elaboration and Brand Attitudes: An Exploratory Study’, Journal of Interactive Advertising, vol. 8, no, 2, viewed 18 November 2009, <>.

Kress, G. & van Leeuwen, T. 2006, ‘Chapter 1: The semiotic landscape: language and visual communication’ in Reading images: the grammar of visual design, 2dn edn, Routledge, London.

Penman, R 1998, ‘Document structures and reader’s habits’, Communication news, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 10 – 11.

Walsh, M 2006, The ‘textual shift’: Examining the reading process with print, visual and multimodal texts’, Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 24 – 37.


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